Monday, April 02, 2007


Do you want to help a child with Autism today?

Then come to the crop day or send us a donation of prizes to raffle or product to sell in our shop.

What we raise all goes to the centre, below is a list of things the centre needs and they will use the money we raise to buy to help the children at the centre and those children that will use and need the centre in years to come. We wish we could raise enough to give them enough money to get everything but we wont, they need $8,244.60 to cover their wish list.

100% of what we raise goes directly to the Western Australian Autism Association Early Intervention Centre, so if you want to help come to the crop day or make a donation. The crop day is June 23rd at the North Beach Baptist Church, tickets are only $25 and include lunch, morning and afternoon tea, there are raffles and door prizes.

We need your help.. here is the centres wish list

Our Wish List
Autism Association of WA Inc
Early Intervention Program
Tasha Alach
Clinical Manager of Early Intervention
37 Hay Street Subiaco 6008

Books from book in hand

¢ social stories- Photo support
¢ Teaching play skills
¢ The hidden curriculum
¢ Building Bridges
¢ Temple Grandin- the Hidden Cirriculum
¢ Tony Attwood- Aspergers

To help us teach children how to interact with each other and how to develop social skills in preparation for year one

Total of books including postage and handling $1200

As assessment to assess the development of skills for children between 3-6. This standardised assessment will be used to assess and reassess children to demonstrate progress in the program at early intervention.

Acer assessments $3095.00

Includes assessment books and toys that are required to assess children.

Fine motor development activities
Skill builders

To help the children develop hand strength in preparation for pencil skills.

Gel bead balls$8.95 times 5= $17.9
Stick balls$1.50 times 5= $7.5
Gel bugs $3.95 times 5 = $19.75
Cricket Clickers $1.75 time 10= $17.5
Sound and light frogs $7.25 time 2 = $14.5
Frazzle times- for co-ordination $23.95
Geo Shapes connect a cube $19.95
Aquarium putty $3.50 times 5 = $17.5
Fine motor sticks $3.95 times 5 = $19.75
Magnetic fun kits- individual wands $44
Theraballs 4 strengths $25.75 time 4 = $103
Theraputty $22 times 2 = $44
Relax ducks $5.95 times 4= $23.8
Vegie slice and vegies $30.50
Rocking see saw $65.95
Maze balancing board $49.95
Uncatchable ball $6.95 times 2 = $13.90
Balancing stones $58.95 time 2 = $117.9
Teddys party $13.75
What comes first $26.50
Small medium large $26.50
Before and after $26.50
Differences $26.50
Where is it $26.50
Story time $26.50
Three to match $26.50
Whats next $26.50
Secret square $26.50
Near and Far $26.50
Dot to Dot 3- 6 years $7.50
Whats different 4-7 years $7.50
Draw a line 4-10 years $7.50

ABC- collection of singing CDs $200

Cause and effect toys- $800 dollars- new rolly slopes/star stackers/push and spin toys/ rotating TV/switch toys ($77 each- bubble blower/dancing elmo/bannas in pyjamas/pig/cow/dog)

Games pop up pirate times two/ sequencing cards $400

Computer software- -educational software/first words collection $1000

Books with Matching toys/supports - $55 each times 10 bags - $550

TOTAL AMOUNT $8,244.60


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